Shady Lake Visionaries is a multi-faceted company aimed at leveraging social media and creating media content for our clients. We opened our doors for business on January 1st, 2016. We started our journey with a major focus on the outdoor industry but have continued to build new relationships in other industries to keep our vision moving forward while also providing the most up to date strategies to continue our successful trend in the digital age we are living in.

Our Mission

Shady Lake Visionaries’ goal is to use social media to increase sales while also building creative media that allows people to see the world in ways they've never experienced before. 

Shady Lake Visionaries took my great product and turned it into a great brand. A professional image is of the utmost importance in the customers eyes and Shady Lake Visionaries is hands down the best at that. I highly recommend their services to to anyone wanting increased sales and a face life for their business.
— Dan Bayus, Owner of Hang On Helper

What We've Achieved

  • Created a Brand Image through Social Media for Ultimate Sack.
  • Increased revenue 400% for Around the Home & Farm in a two month window.
  • Helped successfully launch of a camouflage company named Treezyn.
  • Gained numerous new leads for a student housing complex in our hometown.
  • Produced several outdoor television shows to hit national tv networks.
  • Kickstarted a rebranding process with Guardian Hunting.
  • Helped traffic over 8,000 new users to Raptorazor's website, which increased sales over 33%.
  • Created a user friendly website for a local Insurance Agency.